​The magic, the sounds,
A science, a sharing.

​A rare and unique science to discover with lumidivsound.
A first tool available in connection with the author's digital sound series Grigori Petrovich Grabovoï. ​​ ​Read more here.

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​A technology with a unique science


​Divine sound light is a magic created and used since the dawn of time by the great builders to art and musical interpretations. Lumidivsound ​works to share a unique work that allows everyone to make use of it beyond what they think they know.

​Currently lumidivsound ​works in partnership ​with people of all cultures and nations without judgement with deep and rare values. This first project with updates has been available for several years. Other projects will be available in time.

Lumidivsound symbolizes the perfection of all things through its actions and sound productions. Numerous projects are in progress to make known the authors of today as well as of the past.

​Currently a first project in connection with the author Grigori Petrovich Grabovoï ​is available. It was not intended to be distributed to the general public. However, this tool, which is still rare, has been distributed for several years for its particular usefulness for everyone.

When you listen to it, the tool broadcasts sounds in the form of harmonic waves based on the golden ratio in connection with the universe, energy, life and much more.
During the listening process, hundreds and thousands of digital series, depending on the version, are offered in just a few minutes.
This new possibility of understanding offers fields of information of useful evolution for all in time.

The benevolent objective of the tool is to allow the being a more harmonious development thanks to the cultivation and the practice of the exercises proposed by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoï. ​Also the tool will offer you in time the way to a new creative and divine knowledge.

To this day, shamans, healers, mediums, but also each of you use the tools offered by David Diaz.
​All achievements Lumidivsound ​are created and based on many rare values but also in a form that respects energies and life.

You can discover this work and contribute to support the fruit of a rare creation .

​Cultivation and practice

​The tools available

​For some years now, several projects have been in progress.
You currently have the possibility to use a first work available in connection with the author Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi.

​Translation available for videos in French, English. All languages available automatically for subtitling on Youtube.com
Translation of documents provided in English, Spanish, Português, Italiano, Deutsch, Russian.